Turley: Trump’s Conviction Unlikely to Hold Up on Appeal


Fox News legal analyst Jonathan Turley expressed on Monday during Fox News Channel’s “America Reports” his skepticism about the sustainability of the guilty verdict against former President Donald Trump.

Co-host Sandra Smith remarked, “I want to move on to the Trump latest, because here we are, Monday, fresh off the Trump trial and the guilty verdict for the former president.”

Turley commented, “Few people outside of Manhattan have a lot of faith in the New York system right now. Former President Trump may face some initial slow progress on appeal, but many of us identify layers of reversible error here, and it could eventually reach the Supreme Court. Personally, I don’t see how this verdict can stand. I was in that courtroom, and I was astonished by the court’s rulings. I would hope that ultimately, perhaps not immediately, an appeal will succeed, and the verdict will be overturned.

Co-host John Roberts inquired, “Is there a possibility of this going to the Supreme Court before it reaches the appellate court in New York on an emergency petition?”

Pam Key
Pam Key
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