Trump Takes 5-Point Lead Over Biden in Key Swing State Unclaimed by GOP for 20 Years


RNC co-chair Lara Trump joined ‘Fox & Friends First’ to discuss why Americans are eager to get back to life under Trump’s leadership as he leads in various swing states ahead of November.

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  1. These democrat run states things are so bad Pennsylvania. Nevada new York. Washington Michigan. If you will not open your eyes your common sense then open up your wallet !

  2. They use trump s conviction agents trump so what at least he doesn't crap his pants in front of the world joe craped his pants at d day honoring the fallen and the ones living I'll vote for a felon any day over a man that dosnt have a coherent mind

  3. Hey Lara!!! You are a very fast liar, you are definetly a radical far right Repube. How on earth did you get this position? You certainly are not qualified. 💦💦💦💙VOTE BLUE 💙💦💦💦

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