Trump RIPS Biden ahead of CNN Presidential Debate: 'Fact checker's dream'


Fox News’ Bill Melugin reports the latest ahead of the CNN Presidential Debate.

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  1. I would rather be a convicted felon than a pedophilePOSpervert that forced his Daughter into the shower with him her entire childhood!!!


  2. The only problem is….
    Who will be checking the checkers❓🤔❓
    We use to look to the media to check for the truth in what Candidates are saying❓🤔❓
    But now it's been shown that the Lame-Stream Media is lying to us just as blatantly as the lying-est Candidate ever could….
    And the DemocRATs own The Big THREE NETWORKS, (MSNBC, ABC, and CBS ) Not to Mention, CNN ( The Communist News Network ) have been caught in LIE after LIE so often and SO Blatantly FALSE, that it's literally "Do We believe THEM, OR Our Own LYING EYES‼️👁👁‼️🤔👹‼️

  3. BS the numbers haven't dropped bc of the EO, the numbers are lower in Texas bc of Texas. They are still releasing thousands until the country that cross illegally BUT they've also shifted to our ports of entry and the administration is flying them directly here

  4. If fact checkers are using Google, they are not getting facts… Google says that the economy is great under Biden and that he’s doing great job… kinda worried about the “facts”

  5. Hilarious how many people trust the political information they get from the entertainment outlet that has been sued and lost for lying to their audience about our election integrity. 😂😅

  6. First time i am not voting. It doesnt matter who the president is. They all take an oath to the constitution. The country doesnt change by whose president. They are just a speaker.
    Yall focused on a president when yall should be looking at why all 50 states are different and why our constitutional rights are being violated daily.

  7. 🤔 Serious. The media is so pathetic. It is normal to focus on why each person has a different opinion. It is only the media that divides society. 'Insisting' that the other person is wrong and labeling them as liars does not help the country in any way. At some point in the United States, there was only media that claimed that only they were right.

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