Trump 'riding a wave of momentum' ahead of CNN presidential debate


‘The Big Weekend Show’ panelists weigh in on how President Biden and former President Trump are preparing ahead of next weeks presidential debate.

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  1. Wow, the political parties really pulled one over on us.

    They were whining the commission was unfair and made it personal between them, and we missed they were moving to exclude a 3rd party from debates in America.

    It's really too bad they think it is their debate and not the American People's.

  2. "Momentum?" A bunch of rallies with small crowds, no black supporters, lying about crowd size, lying at every rally. I guess.. desperate!!🤡👈😅🤣😅🤣😅🤣😅🤣

  3. I have to say Mr Donald J Trump has really good taste in women. Stormy Daniel’s is sooooo sexy!!!❤❤❤❤. Did anybody see her prom videos??? She is sooo 🥵 HOOOOT!!!! I would ditch Melania for Stormy in a second. Why are the snow flakes whining about this????😮😮😮😮

  4. Democrats have been completely wrong about Trump since he announced he was running the first time. Democrats and their allies have been wrong consistently and have no credibility on the subject. There is absolutely no indication that Democrats are any smarter or more accurate on predictions for Trump. None of their radical accusations have been correct thus far, there is no reason to believe they are still wrong.

  5. Cadaver Joe is nestled upon his Presidential casket at Camp David resting for a full week and getting infusions of embalming fluid to help him stay “fresh”… hours before the debate he’ll be given an elixir of GoGo juice with his thrice daily embalming fluid.

  6. Eric trump is the swamp and didn't Eric trump say they get most of their money out of Russ and China and on live national TV videos.. Senate launch probe of foreign payments to Jared kushner firm and just broke national News

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