Trump Gets Roaring Reception at NASCAR Race


Fox News’ Doug Luzader provides details on President Biden and former President Trump’s Memorial Day weekend activities to honor America’s heroes.

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  1. My dad who passed in 2017 at age 92 proudly served on the Heavy Cruiser USS Louisville CA 28 from 1943-46 and witnessed (52) sailors and Rear Admiral Theodore Chandler – K.I.A. and buried at sea due to (3) kamikaze hits in the Pacific War. I know them by names. God bless all our our service men and service women that never came home and keep them in your prayers. Thank you for your video and have a nice Memorial Day! Donald Trump – you and your family are in my daily prayers! Thank you for sharing your video.

  2. Ah, the two draft dodgers honor veterans.
    At least Biden had a son in the military, unlike any Trump offspring.
    We've all been made aware of trumps disregard for veterans .

  3. Biden should have been stubborn about countries getting palestinians as refugess.
    Those Palestinans in Gaza used to hide bombs and weapons benief infants bads ..The education is Extrem Islamic and the world should have told them – Terror and hate will get you out and not others.

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