Scaramucci: Trump Plans to Use FBI Like ‘Gestapo’


Former Trump administration communications director Anthony Scaramucci mentioned on CNN’s “The Lead” Friday that former President Donald Trump intends to use the FBI in a manner akin to Nazi Germany’s “Gestapo.”

Scaramucci remarked, “The Biden messaging is fantastic. The Biden legislative agenda has worked. He’s done more for working-class people than Donald Trump did from 2017 to 2021, but there’s an issue there.”

Scaramucci continued, “Dr. Phil is a great guy. I don’t know what he charged for that therapy session with Donald Trump, but it was a therapy session. And hidden underneath all of that is a double entendre because Donald Trump often says two things at once. His adversaries pick up on one thing while his supporters pick up on another. He’s saying he doesn’t want revenge, that revenge is success, but from the other side of his mouth, he’s hinting to people, ‘Hey, I can’t wait to get back into office because I’m going to seek retribution through the justice system.’ He’s also told friends of mine, defense attorneys who have represented him in court, that he wants to use the FBI as the Gestapo. He probably doesn’t fully understand what that means, but he has said that. So we need to hold him accountable for these statements. If we manage to do all of that, President Biden will win reelection.”

Pam Key
Pam Key
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