Trump Plans New Policy on Contraception Restrictions


Former President Donald Trump discussed the possibility of restricting contraceptives in a recent television interview in Pittsburgh.

The interview, which aired on Tuesday, featured KDKA political analyst Jon Delano asking Trump if he supports any limitations on contraceptive access.

“We’re looking at that and I’m going to have a policy on that very shortly, and I think it’s something you’ll find interesting,” Trump responded. “I think it’s a smart decision. We’ll be releasing it very soon.”

Delano then asked Trump if he specifically supported restrictions on contraceptives like the morning-after pill. Trump indicated that contraception policies would ultimately be determined by individual states, leading to different regulations across the country.

The Biden campaign quickly reacted to the interview, sharing clips of it on X. Biden campaign spokeswoman Sarafina Chitika asserted that Trump’s remarks show he aims to go beyond the overturning of Roe v. Wade by also targeting birth control and emergency contraceptives.

“It’s not enough for Trump that women’s lives are being put at risk, doctors are being threatened with jail time, and extreme bans are being enacted with no exceptions for rape or incest,” Chitika stated. “He wants to rip away our freedom to access birth control too.”

Later on Tuesday, Trump took to Truth Social to clarify his statements from the interview and accuse Democrats of spreading misinformation. “This is a Democrat fabricated lie, MISINFORMATION/DISINFORMATION, because they have nothing else to run on except FAILURE, POVERTY, AND DEATH,” Trump wrote.


President Joe Biden and other Democratic candidates are focused heavily on abortion policy in the current election cycle to galvanize voter support. A study released last month revealed that abortion policy is the “most important” issue for 1 in 8 voters.

The interview’s release coincides with a series of discussions Trump had nearly a month ago with Time. In those interviews, Trump mentioned he would soon reveal his stance on the abortion pill mifepristone, promising a policy roll-out “over the next week or two.”

Trump reiterated to the magazine that the nation does not need a federal abortion ban, insisting that each state should determine its own abortion policies and prosecute any related cases.

Elaine Mallon
Elaine Mallon
Breaking news reporter.

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