Trump National Press Secretary Claims Democrats Are in a ‘Full-Blown Freakout’


Trump 2024 national press secretary Karoline Leavitt reacts to closing arguments in NY v. Trump on ‘Hannity.’

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  1. True. She can't be press secretary she's too White isn't Trump trying to be inclusive or are the MAGA people expecting some kind of white supremacy rule?
    Trump is not racist but I think he knows but does not say it out loud or maybe he doesn't know that there are definitely racists and white supremacists in the MAGA crowd–racist enough to call Vivek a snake. What xenophobia??? Xenophobia in so many ways is just a euphemism for what people to massage as "prejudice" no call it what it is RACISM. And I'm pro-trump but not pro white supremacy

  2. Republicans , fight the lie of the false “insurrection “ ! Don’t just let Libs lie and say nothing! They spread lies , look at the videos! If it was an insurrection, there would have been 30,000 armed MAGA in the building with Pelosi , Schumer, and Hillary swinging like Mussolini did. It would have taken the National Guard . Remember Mike Epps , FBI urging people to go inside ! FBI , that’s Bidens area right ?
    Fight the LIE 💩💩💩

  3. Guilty verdict has already been handed to biden in a silver platter before juan merchan open the court hearing, its already finished, the process is just a Moro Moro KANGARO court, the juror are just part of the whole drama, juan merchan is just a PAWN and tentacle of the KRAKEN the bidens democratic party

  4. No matter what this media is reporting. I am a parent/ mom or Dad first, and I will always vote against a dictator because I dont want my child/ children to go back in time. These are the reasons we fight .To make this world better..

  5. Stop crying! You know it and everybody knows it! Joe can send in seal team six and there’s nothing anyone can do because there’s a thing Trump like to call “presidential immunity!”

  6. Saying it doesn’t make it so; the fact is statistically trump is losing favor and Biden is gaining favor because Americans are focused now and are getting a good look at both candidates.

  7. You make one mistake this is not coming from Biden he cannot even tie his shoelaces. This is coming from other dark shady people.
    Biden is just a puppet on a string. Who is the puppeteer is the question.

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