Trump May ‘Make Up Shit’ if He Struggles in Debate, MSNBC’s McCaskill Warns


Former President Donald Trump will have to “make up shit” if he doesn’t perform well in the upcoming debate, according to MSNBC contributor Claire McCaskill. She made this assertion on the Deadline program on Monday, suggesting that Trump’s inability to cope with a loss is a hallmark of his character.

McCaskill’s opinion is that Trump will struggle even more this time around, partly due to the new format which features cut-off microphones. Some might argue that this advantage could benefit President Biden, allowing him to continue speaking without interruption.

However, McCaskill emphasizes the importance of highlighting the reality that Trump’s own team was involved in the process of selecting the jury that convicted him. By doing so, she believes it is crucial to dispel any notion that Trump’s loss was the result of unfair rules or a rigged game. Trump’s own agreement to these rules, McCaskill argues, negates any claim that the debate is unfairly stacked against him.

Pam Key
Pam Key
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