Trump Lawyer Criticizes Guilty Verdict, Claims Constitutional Rights Violated


Thursday, after a jury found former President Donald Trump guilty on 34 counts in his Manhattan criminal trial, Trump attorney Todd Blanche lamented the outcome and the circumstances he felt led to it.

Blanche told FNC host Jesse Watters that he believed Trump’s constitutional rights were violated.

“In many ways, yes,” Blanche replied.

“How so?” Watters asked.

“We appealed that as well. There was a lot about what happened over the past year that I sit here tonight. The verdict just came down today. But, really, there’s a lot that’s happened over the past year that I think Americans should look very hard at, just that the whole way this case was charged. The district attorney says that this type of case is a bread-and-butter, that they do these cases all the time. That is not true. It’s just not true. This is a case that the records of — President Trump’s personal records, his personal checkbook from 2017, from 2017, is what he was on trial for.”

“That does not happen all the time,” Blanche added. “It doesn’t happen all the time in Manhattan and it doesn’t have to happen all the time in any jurisdiction in this country. And that’s fine. That’s fine if you want to indict somebody and go after somebody for conduct that happened in 2017. But I think where it becomes problematic for me as a lawyer is, don’t look me in the eye and say, this is bread-and-butter, we do this all the time, that we’re treating President Trump like we treat anybody else. That’s not true. That’s not true.”

Jeff Poor
Jeff Poor
Editor and conservative opinion maker.

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