Trump Discloses Timeline for VP Announcement


Former President Trump tells ‘Hannity’ when he could announce his vice presidential pick and why the country is in ‘grave danger.’

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  1. Fox News to Trump; what is your relationship with God and how do you pray? You know, lots of people pray for me and they tell me I am going to be fine, many, many pray for me, the Evangelicals love me, you know and…uh-huh …the others they look up and the have no God 😂😂 So, he never answered their question. Do you believe he worships and pray😮😂

  2. I love how some idiots are trying to equate that Trump is in the same mental decline as is Biden. It's also hilarious how some folks are trying to equate contrast between candidates to hatred and division that Biden does. Useful idiots all. Thanks, Trump. Thanks, Sean.

  3. I can't wait for Trump to win the November Election by a land slide and get rid of all this Woke Corrupt Anti-American Democrat Biden BS and get back to a NORMAL America.

  4. I was a demacrap, then a republican, then a libertarian for a while, then i asked can i be NOTHING, yes, they said, i did that for a while. I switched to Republican again so i could vote for Trump. Im embarrassed of the dems, they want sin to be legal, is all i can say.
    Sin isnt good for anyone. Look at all the people in prison.

  5. Why do you lie to your viewers, Fox? If tRump is such a worthy opponent, why don't you show tRump's unhinged rally speeches in their entirety? Are you afraid voters will see just how incompetent he really is?

  6. Why do you lie to your viewers, Fox? If tRump is such a worthy opponent, why not show Biden's complete speeches? Every speech I've watched of his, especially yesterday in commemorating DDay, his speeches are as moving and meaningful as any great president. Sure, he stutters a bit, but the message is true. You have to lie and use tiny clips to mislead your innocent viewers. Shameful.

  7. 🏳️‍🌈 Democrats 🏳️‍🌈 really like to infiltrate the Republican party and demand liberals inside its ranks.
    Careful with such “people”.
    🇺🇸 Trump / Noem 🇺🇸

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