Trump’s Conviction Polarizes Democrats and Republicans as Election Strategies Take Shape


Democrats and Republicans are portraying former President Donald Trump as either a convicted felon or a political prisoner following his felony conviction in New York City.

The guilty verdict led to significant fundraising for both parties. Although President Joe Biden briefly commented on the case, his campaign allies do not expect him to openly criticize Trump immediately.

Several experienced Democratic operatives indicated that while Biden’s campaign will emphasize Trump’s status as a convicted felon, Biden will likely avoid inflaming Republican sentiments for now.

“President Biden was already in a close race, and this complicates things further. On one side, Trump poses a threat to democracy, and the campaign seeks every possible advantage before the general election,” one strategist noted. “On the other hand, the president wishes to avoid appearing as though he influenced the Trump verdict. It’s a delicate balance.”

Another campaign operative highlighted that Biden’s recent campaign efforts have increasingly targeted his Republican opponent personally. This operative admitted uncertainty about how much Biden will focus on Trump’s conviction in the coming weeks but expects Biden to fully address the issue during the general election debate on June 27.

“Most voters aren’t currently focused on the election, but in a national debate, President Biden will likely have no choice but to emphasize Trump’s criminal conviction,” the operative predicted.

Biden’s comments on Friday avoided directly attacking Trump over the conviction but criticized Trump and his supporters for alleging the trial was “rigged.”

“Claiming the trial was rigged is reckless, dangerous, and irresponsible just because they don’t like the verdict,” Biden remarked from the White House.

“Trump had every chance to defend himself. It was a state case, not federal, and the jury consisted of 12 citizens — regular Americans like those who serve on juries nationwide,” Biden added. “This jury is selected just like any other, and Trump’s attorney was part of the process.”

Biden did, however, smile discreetly when asked about Trump’s assertion that Biden weaponized the Justice Department against him, though he did not provide an answer.

The Trump campaign quickly turned Biden’s non-response and smile into a campaign ad, portraying Biden as the “face of corruption.”

Later, after a ceremony celebrating the Kansas City Chiefs’ latest Super Bowl win, Biden told reporters he has “no idea” if Trump’s conviction will benefit him in the election.

“I didn’t know I was that powerful,” he quipped when asked about Trump’s claim that Biden is manipulating events behind the scenes to his benefit.

The Biden campaign did not respond to questions about whether Biden plans to highlight Trump’s felony status in his future campaign speeches but noted that he addressed it multiple times on Friday.

Meanwhile, Republicans have largely unified in support of Trump, arguing that Biden’s calls to respect and protect the justice system are disingenuous.

Several Trump supporters have specifically cited Biden’s actions concerning student loan debt after the Supreme Court struck down his initial proposal to cancel $10,000 in loans for each student borrower.

“Biden says the justice system should be respected, but he only means that when it concerns Trump,” Job Creators Network Foundation President Elaine Parker said. “After the Supreme Court struck down his student loan plan, Biden ignored the law and gave away billions to buy votes from graduates. Biden has shown little respect for the law or taxpayers.”

The conviction has not only increased donations but also provides Trump’s campaign a new angle for grassroots organizing initiatives.

Trump’s senior campaign advisers, Chris LaCavita and Susie Wiles, announced the creation of Trump Force 47 on Friday. This “program aims to engage tens of thousands of new volunteers nationwide in a neighbor-to-neighbor organizing effort, primarily focusing on mobilizing targeted voters in crucial battleground states and districts.”

“Trump supporters and Republicans are more motivated than ever to defend President Trump against Biden and his corrupt liberals while supporting his mission to save the country,” the advisers claimed. “We will continue leveraging our movement’s momentum to ensure Trump returns to the White House and secures majorities in the House and Senate.”

Christian Datoc
Christian Datoc
White House Correspondent. He previously covered the White House, Congress, and campaigns for the Daily Caller. Datoc, who hails from Atlanta, Georgia, graduated from Furman University in Greenville, South Carolina, in 2013, where he majored in political science and played varsity baseball.

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