Trump Campaign Website Crashes Due to Surge in Donations


The Brewer Group CEO Jack Brewer joined ‘Fox & Friends’ to discuss his reaction to Trump’s conviction and how he remains hopeful God will turn the situation into a positive one for the Trump family and the country.

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  1. I do agree that Criminal Justice has gone too far in many ways! The negative impacts of incarceration! I believe incarceration should be for violent people primarily and Judges should be limited in the ability to throw anybody in a cage! It has gotten way out of control!
    Especially when it comes to Children! The whole thing is corrupt with very little emphasis on rehabilitation, or the impact of feeding the machine by throwing everybody in a cage! They have become loot! Isaiah 42:22–25

  2. Hey Laura, THE REST OF THE WORLD THINKS DONALD TRUMP IS A BUFFOON AND AN EMBARRASSMENT TO THE UNITED STATES…why not move on from the cancerous moron and hope that someone else, someone fit for office, might suit whatever cause you have…

  3. All my life I was a Democrat, not anymore!
    If the Democrats can do this to a Republican President we are next,
    Remember the Democrats assassinated President Kennedy.

  4. Wish Trump started with locking up Clinton and proceed from there. One fatal mistake he made. Trump talks about the snake, Clinton IS the snake. The Democratic party IS a bed of snakes. You knew, you know their snakes.

    Another thought:
    Wanna win election abolish the tax system for a new fair legal system.
    Make tax system a membership platform you pay in you get to benefit from system. Example
    Drive on roads, send kids to schools Etc… otherwise too bad. You walk you home school with your own books etc
    A consumption tax
    A flat tax

  5. Went Justice is seek and is apply, it is always link to those that adjudicate it. As so, every time the truth is seek in the name of Justice, is subjected to the will of those whom imposed it. Judicial systems have been use by man many times to seek and apply the will of those that adjudicated it. Historical names that have been “judged” include Jesus, Mohandas Gandhi, Nelson Mandela and Martin Luther King among others.

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