Trump Campaign Begins Taking Crypto Donations


Former President Donald Trump’s presidential campaign is the first from the two major political parties to accept cryptocurrency contributions.

Coinbase notes that hundreds of different forms of cryptocurrency are used to send funds on Coinbase Commerce.

The release highlighted Trump’s history of supporting innovation and deregulation, contrasting it with President Joe Biden and Democrats who “continue to believe only government has the answers to how our nation leads the world.”

It states:

As our President, Donald J. Trump has reduced regulations and championed innovation in financial technology, while Democrats, like Biden and his official surrogate Elizabeth Warren, continue to believe only government has the answers to how our nation leads the world. … The effort to reduce the control of government on an American’s financial decision-making is part of a seismic shift toward freedom. Today’s announcement reflects President Trump’s commitment to an agenda that values freedom over socialistic government control.

A similar statement is found on the donation page.

“As Biden piles regulations and red tape on all of us, President Trump stands ready to embrace new technologies that will Make America Great Again,” it says.

On Wednesday, a day after announcing the fundraising website, the campaign launched its nightly newsletter, the “Palm Beach Playbook.”

“Palm Beach Playbook will provide news and exclusive updates about President Trump’s historic campaign,” Trump campaign senior adviser Brian Hughes said in a statement. “Through this email newsletter, we will share the truth about President Trump’s America First policies with voters who are tired of Weak Joe Biden and the Fake News Media.”

Nick Gilbertson
Nick Gilbertson
Journalist who focuses on national politics in the United States.

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