Trump Calls for Biden to Undergo Drug Testing Before Debates


‘Outnumbered’ panel discusses details on upcoming Trump-Biden debates, as Trump calls for Biden undergo drug tests.

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  1. Trump is the speed freak! That’s why he can’t hold his bowels! Decades of speed and cocaine will do that to you.

    And 2:00 what pathetic speculation is that? You have literally just pulled something completely ridiculous out of the ether to form some kind of conspiratorial narrative.

  2. Drug and DNA tests. biden is like 2 different people at times. Watch the video proof!! No earpiece, no flash cards or notes, no teleprompter, and CNN can't give biden the questions and answers beforehand. These are all issues to watch for. On a one on one debate, where the moderators are not biased, Trump will mop the floors with biden. The delusional vs. The Donald. biden is just not there mentally or physically. We need moderators from both CNN, and FOX there. Make sure the games CNN tries to play are kept to a minimum!!

  3. These people are goofy, no trump supporters going to vote for RFK The only person that let an RFK on this stage is going to hurt is Joe Biden, his team is nothing but a bunch of Cowards.

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