Trey Gowdy: Democrats will replace Joe Biden


Fox News host Trey Gowdy says President Biden looked โ€˜feeble and lostโ€™ during the CNN Presidential Debate on โ€˜Sunday Night in America.โ€™

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  1. Im not so sure. Im usually democrat leaning but am ready for trump to win. I don't see a way to replace Biden in a democratic process, and we dont want anything undemocratic to happen.

  2. Hes been like this for months, nothing new. If he was the boss of a company he'd have to retire. Hes the president if America, whats really going on here

  3. They canโ€™t replace joe democrat with a democrat: no 1 voted for.
    Joe is an illegitimate player a play actor pres
    81Mil lies. What happened at 2020 need a fix.

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