Tomi Lahren Criticizes Media Celebration Following Trump Verdict


OutKick host Tomi Lahren and Democratic strategist Leslie Marshall discuss the media getting ‘what they wanted’ as the former President was found guilty on all 24 counts.

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  1. It's funny though, Trump used to be a democrat, but if he would've ran as a democratic candidate that party would be strong enough to flush him out. The republicans were weak prior to the 2016 election. After Trump shut down Rubio and Cruz, the whole collapsed and ran to Trump. Note to Tommie Lauren; go out and get laid, you'd be much more fun to be around!

  2. If one of these two presidential candidates had said that he would only fulfill the wishes of 340 million American citizens, rather than the demands of the Zionists, he would have lost the presidential election by a wide margin!

  3. Republicans: The economy is bad, I cant afford food.

    ALSO Republicans: A Billionaire does not want to spend his own money to run for president so I just gave him all my money which he will gladly use to pay off his lost court cases.🤣

  4. imo the democrats are going to have biden win with over 90 million votes even if it means more people voted then are registered and they are going to say the people couldnt bring themselves to vote for a felon. if trump does win the democrats will never concede and come up with some law that no one knew about calling his victory illegitimate and just take over the country with a one party system……civil war begins

  5. Get this Criminal the Hell out of here!!
    How the hell is the USA promoting a Fckn Con artist & a Liar… That's how someone gets labeled as a criminal!! Good job America, I guess there is hope for the Justice system.

    If Hunter is found GUILTY! Get him the hell out of here as well!!

    All of America is sick and tired of all the rich criminals Republican or Democrat!!!

  6. This open borders disaster is all Team Biden 'cause he's not running the show but that look back when asked about Trump reminded me of the look of the demon 'child' in The Passion of The Christ

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