Tomi Lahren Claims Democrats Plan to Replace Biden


‘Hannity’ panelists Tomi Lahren and Mark Penn react to rumors the DNC will switch out President Biden ahead of the 2024 election.

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  1. I can’t believe that even anyone would support this ticket! He is a walking corpse and she is a cackling fool. You would have to be out of touch or out of your mind to vote for those two. The Democrats are committing political suicide by letting them represent their party in the next election. And thank goodness they are. It almost assures a Republican victory. Yet another sign of how stupid Democrats are.

  2. He's a draft dodger!' Veterans mince no words in Trump takedown for Biden D-Day adFive time draft dodger. That is all.

    Biden , the president of the Rule of Law, says he will not pardon Hunter if he is found guilty

  3. I thought Demento's replacement might be Joe Manchin. That's a longshot now, assuming he genuinely stepped away from the party. The Marxocrats would really have to get some concessions from Manchin if he were lured back into the fold.

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