Tomi Lahren Calls Eric Adams’ ‘Excellent Swimmers’ Remark ‘Racist’


‘The Big Weekend Show’ panelists revisit New York City Mayor Eric Adams floating migrants as solution for city’s lifeguard shortage due to being “excellent swimmers” amid the city’s lifeguard shortage this Memorial Day weekend.

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  1. Pay them more ,And it's seasonal,Most people want work all year round, Being a full-time life guard would need the use of agency workers too, because you'd have your small yearly full-time employees,And then in certain seasons you'll need to call the agency. You'd need to pay them a whole lot more than what it takes to be a life guard on the beach

  2. 1. They are illegal people with NO QUALIFICATION. To save Americans???
    2. If the qualification is ONLY the ability to swim, lots of American swimmer are better equipped. What a low standard!
    3. Illegal who applies for lifeguard might be rapist or gang members.

  3. I love reading the comments from the undereducated.

    Fox News has proven that an extremely profitable media market can be accomplished by feeding the special people lies, disinformation, misinformation, conspiracy theories and alternative reality.

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