Tom Cotton Criticizes ICC for Targeting Netanyahu


During an appearance on FNC’s “Special Report” on Monday, Sen. Tom Cotton (R-AR) criticized the International Criminal Court (ICC) for pursuing charges against Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and other Israeli officials.

Cotton also expressed his disappointment with the Biden administration’s response.

“It’s an outrageous moral equivalence, which the president acknowledged that tells you how far to the left the International Criminal Court has gone,” he said. “I was disappointed that President Biden didn’t also refute the underlying claims that Israel, for instance, has intentionally targeted civilians for killing or tried to starve children.”

“The civilian suffering happening in Gaza, which is real, is happening solely because Hamas is using those civilians as human shields or props for international political strategies,” Cotton continued. “I do have legislation that would impose sanctions on this rogue prosecutor and those in his office who have not just targeted Prime Minister Netanyahu now but also in the past targeted American soldiers as well. We’re working with the Republican leadership in the House to try to pass that bill promptly and hopefully force Chuck Schumer’s hand to bring it up in the Senate, because he also condemned the International Criminal Court today.”

“But I would just say, the only reason we have to pursue this legislation is that Joe Biden reversed Donald Trump’s decision to sanction this very office and this very court in the past,” he added. “This is a rogue court that Congress has previously given the president power to stand up to. Joe Biden hasn’t used that power. Donald Trump did.”

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