TJX Introduces Body Cameras for Employee Theft Prevention


TJX, the parent company of TJ Maxx, Marshalls, and Home Goods, has implemented the use of body cameras for employees in select stores to combat theft.

Reports from CNN, CBS News, and FOX Business indicate that the move aims to de-escalate incidents, deter crime, and emphasize the company’s commitment to safety.

The cameras are worn by specially-trained loss prevention employees, and footage is only shared with law enforcement upon request or through a subpoena.

During a May earnings call, the company’s finance chief expressed the belief that individuals are less likely to engage in theft when surveillance cameras are present, creating a deterrent effect.

According to a 2023 National Retail Federation survey, approximately one-third of retailers are exploring the use of body cameras for theft prevention, along with other technological advancements like AI-based solutions and the removal of self-checkout registers.

Laura Morrison
Laura Morrison
Digital Reporter based in Cleveland, Ohio. Laura covers entertainment, food, breaking news and even … sports. Previously, she cut her teeth in the world of alt-weeklies, working at papers in Iowa, Washington state and Cleveland. Laura believes that well-written journalism can save the world and that a mug of steaming black tea is all you really need.

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