TikTok Introduces AI-Powered Avatars for Creators and Stock Actors in Advertisements


TikTok is introducing two new features to its platform: generative AI avatars for creators and stock actors, and an AI Dubbing tool for creators and brands to expand their reach. The “Custom Avatars” allow creators to represent themselves or a brand spokesperson, and can be scaled to create multilingual avatars for global reach. Brands can also use pre-built “Stock Avatars” created with paid actors from diverse backgrounds.

The new tools may raise concerns, as Hollywood actors went on strike over AI concerns, including the use of AI replicas. However, creators have control over their likeness and can determine their rates, licensing, and usage.

A slate of stock digital avatars available on TikTok. (Image courtesy TikTok)

The AI Dubbing tool translates content into 10 languages, detecting the original language and transcribing and translating the content. This feature allows creators and brands to communicate with global audiences.

The launch comes as TikTok reported that 61% of users have made a purchase directly on the app or after seeing an ad. The new features are part of “TikTok Symphony,” the company’s suite of ads solutions powered by generative AI, which includes tools for scriptwriting, video production, and enhancing current assets.

Watch below or click here if you’re on the app.


Introducing Symphony Digital Avatars, to help creators and brands captivate global audiences and deliver impactful messages in an immersive and authentic way. Check out our Newsroom to learn more.

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Aisha Malik
Aisha Malik
Aisha is a consumer news reporter. Previously, she was a telecom reporter at MobileSyrup. Aisha holds an honours bachelor’s degree from University of Toronto and a master’s degree in journalism from Western University.

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