This should be a ‘slam dunk conviction’ of Hunter Biden


Fox News’ Davis Spunt reports on the last hearing before Hunter Biden’s June 3 gun trial and Fox News contributor Leo Terrell reacts on ‘The Faulkner Focus.’

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  1. Hunter – Court – and where are the people in the Justice Department who still remember that we have a legal system? We are no longer dealing with government-appointed Judges. We are faced with hired guns, acting under the cover of black robes executing what they are paid for.

  2. This is all about taxpayers money used by this crazy admin headed by crooked Biden. I hope under Trump in 2025, they should all be investigated beginning with Obama and Clinton to Pelosi and Schumer.

  3. They need to put this trial on hold until Trump is in. His daddy is just gonna come in the save the day with a pardon. Let's be smart about this, hold off until we have a proper DOJ and Donald J. Trump back in his rightful place as President. Then we can really implement justice

  4. No Biden will ever be charged as long as the DOJ and FBI have been weaponized against the American people and continually protects the Biden family. The hell to the American people we could care less what you think or want. No justice for Biden and his family, we will continue to tell you what to do and ignore the laws. American people can't do anything about it. Talk about telling Americans to shove it. They believe they own us.

  5. For once, there is a judge who actually knows RIGHT FROM WRONG. For once, the judge is FEMALE. So, see, one out of a hundred of these power mad female judges can access the left side of her brain and… WOW!!! Common Sense!!!!! LOGIC!!!!! CONSEQUENCES TO ONE'S ACTIONS!!!! Females CAN be judges, IF….the use the LEFT SIDE of their brains and NEVER used Marijuana. WEED SMOKERS NEED NEVER APPLY.

  6. 100$ says the swamp works for Hunter and he gets one year community service at most; tax paying slaves doing the same years behind prison. Growing up I did not think this was India with a tiered society but here we are……

  7. Nop! You shouldn't block this!

    Nacion 🐩 sucia en lo que hicieron junto a 🇵🇷🇺🇸 por su maldito juego a sus pendejos lideres que manejan sus decisiones como pinche nacion pensando que los mayas los protegen. 🕳 MX con su Tamps y su 🐩 maya. Ahh y su perra sucia relación con 🇺🇸💀🇨🇳🇷🇺✝️JW….DESDE EL 2021 CON SU AT&T…PINCHE POLITICOS, REGUETONEROS, NARCO Y GENTE 3💩 QUE HA METIDO SU NARIZ Y CABEZA EN MI VIDA

  8. I have little faith in the 2 tier justice system that allows the Democrats to totally ignore our laws and punished their political opponents without convictions for laws that are not broken … Hunter is guilty of so much more then we actually know and he needs to go to jail … Joe too.

  9. It doesn't matter if there is a Plea Deal or Not… either way… it looks bad for Joe. When a pathological lair raises a son… How do you think that son will turn out?

  10. Trump case should be a definite conviction also. I am for the rule of law. If you break the law you will be punished. If hunter violated the law he should be prosecuted. If trump violated the law he should be prosecuted as well. This is simple .

  11. If they moved the trial out of Manhattan or remove the judge just isn't possible when the prosecution has already gotten a jury of like minded picked out, ready to serve the Democrats bidding! Why else would they allow, at a minimum not remove the judge whose own daughter is making money off of the trial??

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