This Father’s Day, Fathers Are More Important Than Ever


For decades, research has consistently shown that children raised with married fathers in the home tend to have better outcomes than those raised by single parents. Despite this, a growing number of people believe that having a married father in the home is no longer important. In 2006, half of the public considered it very important for a couple to get married when having children, while today over 40% say it’s not important at all.

The reality is that fathers play a crucial role in their children’s lives, and their absence can have long-lasting effects. Children raised with married fathers are more likely to graduate from high school, attend college, and find employment as adults. They are also less likely to be suspended from school, convicted of a crime, or suffer from poor physical and mental health.

Fathers bring a unique set of skills to parenting, different from those of mothers. While mothers tend to be more nurturing, fathers are often more involved in preparing their children for the challenges of life. They are more likely to engage in rough-and-tumble physical play, challenge their children, and model strong yet kind masculinity for young boys.

The benefits of having a married father in the home extend beyond the individual child. Research has shown that neighborhoods with higher percentages of married fathers have higher rates of upward mobility. This is particularly true for boys, especially black boys, who tend to benefit greatly from having a positive male role model in their lives.

Unfortunately, the institution of marriage is declining, and fewer children are growing up bringing married fathers. In 1960, 75% of households included a married couple, while today just 49% do. As a result, many children are growing up without the positive influence of a married father in the home.

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