Pride Month Celebrations Highlight the Dangers of Groupthink


The monthlong celebrations in June for LGBT pride emphasize that groupthink should not be admired.

Although the LGBT community portrays itself as marginalized and oppressed, the truth is that more adults identify as LGBT with each successive generation.

A 2023 poll by Gallup revealed that 22.3% of Generation Z identify as LGBT. This compares to 9.8% of millennials and only 4.5% of Generation X. As younger individuals increasingly express their sexuality openly, the LGBT community’s messaging has swiftly evolved.

Previously, the message was that everyone should enjoy the freedom to live their private lives. However, with increased cultural acceptance, this message has shifted. Many in the LGBT community now seek not just acceptance but mandated celebration.

As the LGBT community expands, the demand for celebration intensifies.

This agenda targets not only adults but also younger generations, who are intentionally exposed to diverse sexualities at much younger ages. From transgender story hours at libraries and children’s drag shows to gender identity lessons in elementary schools, the LGBT agenda has become highly public and widespread.

Consequently, it’s unsurprising that the number of LGBT-identifying Gen Zers is on the rise, as children are often inducted into the community without parental consent.

The latest LGBT messaging suggests that boldly expressing sexuality, often in vulgar mannerisms, is a source of pride. This approach begins with younger generations to eliminate any stigma, desensitizing them continuously.

However, imposing a sexual identity on vulnerable elementary school children is not courageous. There is nothing positive about trans-identifying individuals performing provocatively during Pride parades. Compelling others to praise such behavior while claiming victimhood is far from respectable.

The sexual agenda promoted within the LGBT community, especially involving children, is troubling. Decadent displays of sexuality are neither private nor personal if imposed on everyone.

The groupthink pervasive in the LGBT community might cause some to falsely believe they are oppressed, leading them to monitor which houses display rainbow Pride flags. This month, they may feel proud of this. Nonetheless, those who support keeping elementary school children shielded from conversations about sexual identity while fostering true individuality in students know better.

Anna Broussard
Anna Broussard
Staff Writer.

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