Thieves Target Austin School of Film


Masked thieves were caught on surveillance footage breaking into the Austin School of Film, a nonprofit art, film, and technical institute located in east Austin.

The incident, which occurred last month, involved the suspects smashing through a window and stealing vintage film equipment that was displayed inside the school’s front entrance.

Faiza Kracheni, the executive director of the school, expressed dismay over the burglary, emphasizing that while the stolen items may not have had significant monetary value, they held sentimental importance as vintage cameras.

This burglary is not an isolated incident, as the Austin Police Department (APD) confirmed similar cases at other production businesses. The Austin Film Commission also noted several businesses reporting comparable incidents and is advising vigilance on online marketplaces to track any stolen gear.

Kracheni highlighted the impact of such thefts on the school’s ability to serve the community, particularly as a nonprofit organization.

APD stated that some of the other cases lack surveillance footage, hindering investigation efforts. They recommend installing high-resolution cameras to improve the availability of evidence in such situations.

Brianna Hollis
Brianna Hollis
Digital Reporter tasked with covering the public safety beat. Brianna is deeply passionate about three things: journalism, volleyball and the New England Patriots.

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