‘There is no justice system’ with Alvin Bragg as prosecutor: Lee Zeldin


Former NY gubernatorial candidate Lee Zeldin reacts to Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg dropping charges for some Columbia University protesters and comments on former President Trump’s appeal in the Empire State.

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  1. It's not going to be very long,…
    It's not going to be very long before states start calling their national guard out en masse. It's very very close. You people need to start sounding the alarm.

  2. The lady in the middle on this show she's disgusting the day you have a woman on the show a lot of women are fleeting taxes to get help because their organs are going to be messed up because you are silly and let me tell you one thing it is too just because the people who starred in the capital she got 20 years and more than that cuz black people would have did it they would have got life in prison

  3. Good for them he left them out but the people who stole the capitol the lady in the middle you should be ashamed of yourself they hurt the cops and they try to take over the Capitol and you talking about their innocent and then you talking about women who have a should have a choice and you sat in the middle of the couch

  4. If the US hates te rr or ists so much, why are they funding a country formed through te rr or ist attacks, whose army was formed from those same te rr or ists and who is committing acts of te rr or ism like bombing hospitals, schools and civilians in their city as we speak? What, did the US make a deal with the ir gun and their friends?!

  5. Fox News continues to enable trumps assault on The Rule of Law which is literally the backbone of Democracy. Trump and his Republican enablers in Congress have ushered in the era of Authoritarian Government

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