Trump Verdict Will Inflict Lasting ‘Damage’, Says John Yoo


Former Deputy Assistant Attorney General John Yoo tells ‘America’s Newsroom’ that the case has ‘grounds for reversal.’

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  1. I’m not an American, but very proud to be here and never thought I would witness something like this. People destroying the country and some people applauding! Of course, this is how they are making easy money by letting millions coming illegally, knowing information that help them making millions by buying/selling “the right” stocks and more. Very disappointed!!

  2. TRUMP supporter should buy every house neighboring Alvin briggs and move in, fly flags, conceal carry, drink beer, play hillbilly music or worse Rap I bet Alvin thinks he doesn't have culture.

  3. Judge Jeanine Ferris Pirro won't acknowledge Trump said he'd take the stand in his own defense, but he didn't, nor will she admit "Cohen Bad" was a pathetic defense by Blanche!

  4. Fox, the 🇷🇺 Ru-Bots and MAGA, will really freak out when they see the new Polls. The huge swing predicted if Trump was convicted is bigger than expected. But Hunter?.🤣

  5. Oh gee. Someone on Fox News pretending like Trump isn’t a criminal sociopath who got convicted by a unanimous decision from a jury of his peers. Almost like the Rule of Law shouldn’t apply to trump according to Fox News 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  6. This attack upon Donald Trump was premeditated and coordinated from the White House.
    The Progressive party has awakened a sleeping giant.
    The American people.
    The only thing that they have managed in doing is making Donald Trump stronger and his voter base larger.
    Trump was right all along.
    They're not going after him, they are coming after US.

  7. Excuses are for losers. The law always wins. Face it, the I did not know I was signing $35,000 checks with bogus invoices to the Fixer defense failed. It's actually extremely rare that jury verdicts are ever "overturned".

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