‘The View’ Celebrates Trump’s Conviction


Raymond Arroyo discusses how ‘The View’ hosts were thrilled about the Trump guilty verdict in the latest installment of ‘Friday Night Follies’ on ‘The Ingraham Angle.’

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  1. Everyone on the View should be ashamed of themselves. This Scam Trial was just that. A Scam, With Bogus Evidence, a Bogus Jury, and a Bogus Judge. Case Closed I am absolutely ashamed at our justice system and our government. And I guess it is perfectly fantastic what Joe has done to America and the American people, Trump is right. A Rigged Trial from the start. and yet Crooked Hillary Clinton has no charges against her and she walks around scott free. The way the Justice system is now, that makes perfect sense

  2. They have no clue. They think Trump is about Trump. Its about your Life,Freedom. It has nothing too do about Trump… Its all about having our lifestyles becoming increasingly difficult when, Speaking, Thinking, Doing. Pure Slavery..

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