The US is being treated 'very badly' by China: Michael Pillsbury


Heritage Foundation senior fellow Michael Pillsbury details the country’s increasing hostility toward the U.S. on ‘The Story.’

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  1. Even though both my parents are Chinese, I love the United States. I think Trump had the best China policy in 50 years. We should continue to tariff them. We should shut down the fentanyl trade. We need to stop funding gain of function research.

  2. Why do you think China is sending the chemicals to south America cartels to make phentanyl thats killing thousands of americans? Biden is scared of China and they are planning the takeover of America and its happening! Him and hunter made billions selling them those classified top secret military documents that obama authorized biden to steal when he was VP. HE LITERALLY GAVE CHINA ALL OUR RESERVES OIL WE HOLD ONTO FOR EMERGENCIES LIKE WAR . LETTING THEM SPY ON US ,BUYING UP LANDS INCLUDING LANDS AROUND OUR MILITARY BASES . RIGHT NOW CHINA COULD INVADE US AND NOBODY WOULD STOP THEM AND BIDEN WOULD EMIDIATLY SURRENDER! BE AFRAID ,BE VERY AFRAID

  3. Why is America our leaders and our government still selling out American farmland to China you see how naive this story is who's the liars here. Biden is Democrats and Republicans are in mainstream media the proof is right there look at how these people talk. Did you know they're already fitting all the B-52 bombers and already loaded with nuclear weapons.. moving American forces to a corridor through Romania or you won't hear that here because these people are paid to lie to your face and sell your children and drink their blood it should be called Fox blood news

  4. No the US government and and that Mr empty head running this nation is the one making it difficult. Plus past predecessors sold out America and its jobs and and gave the middle finger to the people.. end mainstream media your children better be first in line to sign up for the draft.. biggest conscription is starting and your children better be in the front line. And not like draft dodging Biden and the rest of the dirty people you call President draft dodgers and liars and traitors you better be on the front line mainstream media

  5. “Operation Iraqi freedom” was the saintly title for the brutal invasion of Iraq. “Operation unified protector” was the angelic name for the destruction of Libya.
    “Operation enduring freedom” was the virtuous name given to the unjust invasion of Afghanistan. All in the name of "freedom and democracy".

  6. Let me fix your headline “the current admin sold the USA to China, for their own profit, and we in media are just now reporting on it”. …..
    US citizens: WE TRIED TO FREEKIN TELL YOU 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️

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