The US can’t survive another four years of this: Rep. Mike Waltz


Rep. Michael Waltz, R-Fla., compares former President Trump and President Biden’s military agendas and offers an Independence Day message.

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  1. Bidens staff will be busy just following up behind him trying clean up the mess every time he opens his mouth or tries to say something because Daaam ! And the staff should get hazardous duty pay because they have their hands full !

  2. I’m voting for Donald Trump because he is the best man that this country needs. We are in trouble now as a country. I will admit that as a Christian I new because Gods Word says that we are to pray for those in authority and so I did but I was honest with God and would admit that I didn’t want to. I could not stand Biden but when I saw the debate the other night, I went to God in prayer and repented. I’m not saying this to say what a great person I am I am admitting that how much I did not like him as a person or the presentment of our country, but I think he has been used by powerful people and they have made a fool,out of him. I could have cried the other night when I was watching him at the debate. It’s pitiful and it’s shameful, we as a Christian should be praying for him. He’s being used by people and he don’t even realize it. I bet our founding fathers would be so surprised at what has become of this great nation. I think that Christian’s have failed this nation as well. We have not fought and prayed like we should so now we are getting spanked by God for all the sinful things that are going on. I love Fox News and never watch anything else. Donald Trump is what this country needs and our leaders need to go to God as our leaders and repent and change our laws. Thank u

  3. People, you have to realize that at this point the democrats are forced to lie hoping that someone bites, because the truth is way more damaging to their future.

  4. This is what it looks like when heads of the largest corporation are allowed to purchase candidates to run the USA. We have hit the bottom of the barrel with these two candidates, and now the citizens are fighting over them. Can the people just pick candidates from here on out???

  5. Your stupid if u can't see what's actually on the line here … Duh Biden has a studder trump is a felon a liar an idiot. Nothing he's has so has benefited anyone that actually pays taxes dont have to believe me u it's all public record

  6. So we got two choices for the next President the former President Trump who said he will be a dictator or the 81 year old man who is not mentally and physically fit for being the president named Joe Biden. This is why I’m leaving the United States and going to the Netherlands

  7. And Joe warned trump about new cases coming in the future. Hmmm. What are you doing Joe and the dems are our taxes being used to go after your opponent. I say all you democrats are going to be in the unemployment line soon.

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