The Resurgence of Giant Joro Spiders!


University of Georgia assistant research scientist Andy Davis explains how the giant Joro spiders are making a return along the East Coast of the United States on ‘The Ingraham Angle.’

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  1. Growing up in Florida we always called them banana spiders too and now they're not real aggressive we've even called him at time to time without getting bit but sometimes if you mess with them enough they will bite

  2. We have orb weavers where we live. As most are saying, i left them alone. I was sitting on the porch, and i felt something on my neck. I used my phone camera to see if it was one of those spiders. I did the get off me dance. He bit me. It was a dead spider after that.

    Now I check everything before sitting down in my chair.

  3. Uh oh, invasive immigrants.
    Close the border (ports).
    Natural pest managers.
    Joro spiders will eat whatever lands in their web, which mainly ends up being insects. That could mean they’ll compete with native spiders for food, but it might not all be bad — a Joro’s daily catch could also feed native bird species, something Andy Davis, a research scientist at the University of Georgia, has personally documented.

  4. Oh Nope. Aliens are here. I am going to just go to live in a big glass sealed box. Or jump of a cliff. It could go either way. Spiders won. They already live quote comfortably in our homes and yards. They won.

  5. Fox has just uploaded a new video. Balnis is already here and waiting. He must feed his Trump addiction. Balnis lets out a mighty Reeeeeee and starts trolling. He feels he is an activist. But, us Patriots know, he is a TDS ridden nothing.

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