It’s time for moral clarity: Netanyahu spokeswoman


Israeli PM Netanyahu spokeswoman Tal Heinrich discusses the war against Hamas and Netanyahu’s expected address before Congress on ‘Sunday Night in America.’

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  2. It is deeply saddening to see so many people show support for Israel when their knowledge of the conflict comes purely from these kinds of sources. The whole world apart from America and UK are trying to have netanyahu criminally convicted for his crimes against humanity. Does that not say anything?

  3. The problem with American people, is that there are too many opinions, when you have a country like israel, there are two opinions, either democracy, or theocracy, in the United States you have wishy-washy backwoods people that don't understand how the world really works, because they pay no attention to what's actually going on, they just listen to the other Yahoo's they're telling them whatever crap they want to hear

  4. Question. Palestinians infiltrate Israel and rescues 4 palestinian prisoners. They "soften" the area for the incursion by a brutal daytime bombardment of a heavily populated residential area and day market in Tel Aviv. The rescue is a great success though there were some 270+ and counting Israeli civilians killed, hundreds more injured overwhelming local hospitals. Who would celebrate that as a success? Precisely NOBODY.

  5. What makes this war between Israel and Hamas strangely different from a common war? It's an urban guerilla with hundreds of tunnels to uncover . It's a 7 front war. The enemies dress civilian cloths. The enemy has Media mileage The enemy has no soul, no emotion, no conscience, no respect regarding lives of babies, children, sick people, women, and erderlies. The enemy has a support of many nations, Arab neighbors, the media, Western countries, colleges and universities. IN SHORT ISRAEL IS FIGHTING THIS WAR ALONE. Russia has in it's back China, North Korea and some terror states. Ukraine has the European union. Israel has some very few friends .

  6. The Rescue op was nothing more than a public relation exercise
    To rescue 4 hostages at the cost of 3 more hostage deaths due to friendly fire bot to mention the 250 Palestinian deaths plus the 800 wounded. While putting the remaining hostages at grater peril due to the botched rescue operation is nothing to celebrate. But it did make Bibi look good. Or even more stupid .

    Israel an apartheid state
    Is led by a man indicted for war crimes
    Has an army that has been black listed for war crimes against children.
    And has been accused of committing genocide.

  7. Netanyahu is a illigitimate prime minister!
    He was NEVER voted into office by the people.
    He weaseled and lied, cheated his way in.
    The majoity of people in israel know he is a criminal.

  8. Victories in the fight against disinformation.
    Right-wing Media Company SALEM apologizes and stops distributing 2020 conspiracy film '2000 mules' after lawsuit. Sandy Hook families agree to Alex Jones' bankruptcy liquidation. The Guardian of June 3, 2024 informs us that the far-right media Epoch Times is accused of participating in a money laundering operation. Far right wing lying is finally punished! Justice is taking back its rights: Fox has already seen it.

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