Rep. Raskin Warns “Handmaid’s Tale” Could Be GOP Blueprint If Trump Wins in 2024


Representative Jamie Raskin (D-MD) commented on MSNBC’s “Velshi” that “The Handmaid’s Tale” could serve as a blueprint for Republicans if former President Donald Trump secured a victory in the upcoming November election.

Raskin stated, “I often reflect on the incident with the Sharpie and the hurricane, where Donald Trump attempted to override, and in some measure did override, the scientists at NOAA and the National Weather Service by claiming that the hurricane would hit Alabama, thereby causing confusion in regions actually threatened by the hurricane as well as in Alabama, where it wasn’t a threat. This example illustrates their larger goal for the federal government: undermining professional expertise and civil service protections. Their aim is to implement something called Schedule F, which would reclassify tens of thousands of currently protected professional civil service jobs, allowing the president to fill these positions with political appointees and loyalists.”

Pam Key
Pam Key
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