‘The Five’: Trump greeted by a united Republican Party in Washington


‘The Five’ co-hosts discuss the closed-door meeting former President Trump had with congressional Republicans ahead of the 2024 election.

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  1. As the boot lickers and empty suits stood reluctantly behind Trump… In a rambling speech that veered from Taylor Swift to former Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s daughter, Trump seemed careful to avoid his most explosive positions: There were no demands that the House help fight back against his criminal convictions. There was no call to impeach President Joe Biden.

  2. Jd vance in 2016 "I'll hold my nose and vote for Clinton to keep trump out of the white House" everyone of them are hypocrites, they are licking trump's arse for power it's a disgrace, the Republican party is a farce .

  3. I'm so sick and tired of the left continually crying democracy is in peril. When THEY aren't blatantly destroying it while accusing the right of it. They demonize anyone who doesn't agree with their twisted views of reality. Pure trash. What's worse is the amount of people who buy jt. In what scenario does someone who's been getting railed from behind with no lube, jump in line and say "yes please, I want more of that." Psychotic

  4. I like the confidence and momentum, but I sure hope the RNC doesn’t plan to take a day off until after the election. Dems surely have a few tricks to pull.

  5. I would be very wary if I were Trump…so many see he will be the nominee and are around him now, but we saw how they treated him when he was president…they didn't unite around a lot of the changes that needed to happen. Too many are RINO's/establishment politicians and vote with the Dems.

  6. You can tell a lot about someone by who hates them. Who hates Trump the most?

    The corrupt lifetime politicians.
    The corrupt lifetime unelected bureaucrats.
    Haters of America.
    The elites of Hollywood
    The elites of Academia
    The elites of Tech

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