‘The Five’: The NYT Reviews Biden’s Claims for Accuracy


‘The Five’ co-hosts discuss President Biden’s history of ‘tall tales.’

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  1. The debate the Democrats have put all these stipulations that's fine Trump need to get on that stage do not sit down stand at the mic and look over at Biden and say what's wrong with Joe you can't stand for 90 minutes challenge Joe biden's ego right there on that stage and he will stand until he falls down

  2. No you got somebody like a Nancy pelosi millions of dollars how's that possible she doesn't own any businesses pay the regular salary so how is she like millionaire like that so she's crooked when it comes to the money and then you got shat in his pants depends diapers Joe Biden owning a bunch of houses millions of dollars same thing with Hillary how is that possible these were presidents of the United States they weren't millionaires they didn't own businesses so how is that possible and we as Americans are supposed to just think that they just got it from their job this is how they want us to think they want us to think we are stupid that's what it is should be held accountable you are not owning any businesses but you can come up with all types of money and become millionaires by taxing people not the rich I'm taking their money and put it in your pocket you piece of s***

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