‘The Five’: Progressive Portland DA Faces Potential Defeat


‘The Five’ co-hosts discuss what’s at stake in the Multnomah County district attorney race.

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  1. First the city council was able to shed a lead weight by the name of Jo Ann Hardesty, who constantly demonstrated her hatred of law enforcement much to Portland's detriment. Now this DA who has been overly kind to violent criminals while welcoming any complaint against law enforcement that came across his desk, has been shown the door. Portland might survive after all, but it is going to take a long time and there is still much to do.

  2. I just read the lib DA has conceded. Yay! It happened in Seattle, too, I think. That DA got the boot and was replaced by a Republican. Like I always say, had enough? Vote Republican. And they did. Definitely spells trouble for those little antifag brats.

  3. What Greg said about having to be so hard lined as Republicans is so true. I lost custody of my children to their drug addicted mother for 5 years because it was just presumed that the mother was the better, more nurturing parent, by the courts back in those days. When she faced 6 months in federal prison on drug charges, she had to give me custody and I had to be a much harsher, stricter dad than I ever wanted to be, just to rein them in from the ruleless way that they had been raised for 5 years by a woman that wanted to be their peer, rather than their parent. The GOP provides the "tough love" that will straighten out the Donkey kids in DC.

  4. But it's funny how fox fake news try to paint democratic D.A as radical but Republicans control red states have the highest violent crime rates then blue states and 23 of the top 25 states with the highest violent crime rates in America are Republican control red states.😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  5. GOD bless USA forever Literally On Literally "Silas Creek Pkwy" Literally "Deepwood" Literally Evidently Enforcement Already Allowed For Due Process Literally On "No Trespassing On private property" Literally For Literally Countries Of The Government Literally That IS Really Literally trien to Protect The Borders Literally Of The Government Literally as Spoken On previous posts Literally.

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