‘The Five’: Nikki Haley Sparks Wave of Liberal Criticism


‘The Five’ co-hosts react to Nikki Haley announcing she will vote for former President Trump in 2024 and says President Biden has been a ‘catastrophe.’

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  1. Yeah, something is happening alright. Nonstop propaganda and lies from Trump and fox have bamboozled the uneducated into believing in their feelings over the truth and logic. As a result we have millions of people who will vote for Trump without any idea as to who he is and what he plans to do. Trump and fox, offer up bald faced lies so frequently and brazenly because they know that many people are just not too smart and many others just don't care. Trump and fox have normalized the craziness of the trust your feelings and what we tell you to believe. Trump is objectively and without any doubt advertising his ambition to end our free society and the constitution and yet many of his followers either don't care, think that it is normal or it is not true. You should care because it ain't normal and it is as true as can be. Stupid old people who have no children or grandchildren don't care about the future of our country, but if you have offspring and you vote for Trump you are voting for a dark future without privacy, freedom and democracy for them.

  2. I hope he does NOT pick N.H. for V.P. President Trump is a very SMART man but LOUSY when it comes to inner seeing the character of the people he trust YES. I understand "Keep your friends close, keep your enemies CLOSER. " It just seems to me that the man is getting 'messed over' by everybody close to him. I'd wish He'd let me pick his V.P..

  3. I like when people who are critical of Trump also support him. I’m by no means a fan of EVERYTHING he has done, but I’m supporting our party, and any good Republican regardless of how they feel about him should do the same thing.

  4. None of you fact check that slippery guy next to the Judge but he makes false equivalencies almost nightly. He compared the totality of Trump’s deficit being 8 trillion to Biden’s last 9 months being 4 trillion. Thinking we would just hear 8 compared to 4…what a nudge. And he never fails to bring up abortion and Jan. 6th no doubt believing those are Republican vulnerabilities. He always starts with “I agree with….” and then promptly disagrees in a very under-handed way. Frankly, he’s just schmoozy but I will say he’s easier to listen to than Tarlov who is just a straight up liar.

  5. Was Biden president when my account number was 000911 on my phone bill? Fox& Enquirer ignored everything I said January of 2001 and it should have been taken to Homeland Security. How many people get tapes of a man with a turban on his head in the form of pornography on their lawn in 1998. Donald Trump was behind those being put on my lawn Security on a gambling boat put there. All Fox did was make fun of it and say let's put that b** in the dark and the rolling blackout started in California that day. It was later on found out to be a hoax

  6. Rachel, and Scarborough and all the view and the rest of the Fake News are the Cult Members. Holly Weird is part of there Cult. We should Boycott all there movies and show them who really is in charge.

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