The Five: Hunter Biden’s Gun Trial Begins in Delaware


‘The Five’ co-hosts discuss the start of Hunter Biden’s federal gun trial in Delaware.

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  1. That elderly man must not have watched his son weighing up his crack cocaine and playing around with a pistol. I guess Yosemite Same never taught his son not to play with guns. Especially in the commission of a felony. A family full of geniuses. Bo is the only one that I have respect for. He served our country. More than the others can say.

  2. Rep. Jeffries is such a clown, Pres Biden loves his son. bla bla bla, and the Justice dept will move in that fashion… The court case is already decided, he will be acquitted. So much for non one is above the law sh.t that dems loves so much when on trial is a political opponent.

  3. Trump is under persecution, while it's the bidens that are corrupt and guilty of actually doing something ILLEGAL. Totally ridiculous!! Things are a little turned around in this country right now. Trump 2024!!!!!!

  4. This is a and a waste of money nothing will happen to hunter -basically they’re pretending to smack his little hand -he’ll pretend take the fall for the whole Biden crime family

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