The Biden family has profited ‘a great deal’ from Joe: Rep. Issa


Rep. Darrell Issa, R-Calif., discusses Hunter Biden being a ‘security risk’ and invites his fellow lawmakers to ‘put America first.’

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  1. Half of the Biden crime family arrive back home after counting influence peddling money for the month and how much more can be made if the old coot stays in the game and wins , which is a longshot to be sure

  2. Hunter is there so he can watch over his father so he doesn't endanger the Biden crime family. Millions can be lost in the next five months. Just saying for a friend.

  3. What some people would do to gain a dollar traitors go after Obama and Joe and you know the witch what was her name of Hilary 3 mager player's in this scandal.👈🦍🇺🇸😎🤔

  4. So when you say anything contrary to the propaganda on the right you get banned, cancelled, and your comments disappear. Thanks Fox, Alex Jones banned me as well for calling out the lies!

  5. Poor Joe Biden. He is old and disabled. Picking on him is elder abuse. Biden is not, and has not run the white house or presidency of America. It is run by Obama behind the scenes. Go pick on Obama and leave Biden alone. I am not a fan of elder abuse.

  6. Golden spoon. Gold digger. " here Joe, sign here, here and here, what? you of course will get a candy after. Then, as I member of the WH can keep my job. Time for …. a big white light coming from above

  7. It is unacceptable for Hunter Biden to attend White House Meetings. He is a convicted Felon. He has had dealings with our adversaries netting himself millions. This is unacceptable!

  8. So let me get this correct – What matters to YOU:

    * In your mind – eVERYONe else should be able to do what YOU can. Until someday it is YOU who can't. Well, I will see you then to have that conversation with you when you show SOME deficiencies.* – Treat others how YOU want to be treated.

  9. well donnie profited off his dead daddy, his profited off him. his son in law did the best $3B. now what the point? what is joes net worth after 40 years of service, 18M. thats one of donnies law suits every year for 40 years. and since trump has had 350 law suits you do the math,

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