The Biden Campaign: When is Too Late to Turn Around?


President Joe Biden’s campaign has been reeling since his poor performance in the first debate, with many Democrats expressing concern about his ability to lead the party into the general election. Despite initial efforts to brush off the debate as a minor setback, Biden’s mistakes have continued to pile up, raising questions about the fundamental strength of his campaign.

The Biden family has been at the center of controversy, with First Lady Jill Biden attempting to rehabilitate her husband’s debate performance by praising his answers and knowledge. However, this effort was met with skepticism by some Democrats, who saw it as insufficient introspection in the wake of a disastrous debate.

Meanwhile, reports emerged that Hunter Biden, the president’s son, was a strong advocate for his father’s continued candidacy. This has raised concerns about the influence of the Biden family on the campaign, particularly given Hunter’s controversial past and current legal troubles.

Biden’s campaign has also struggled to provide coherent explanations for his poor performance, with initial claims of a cold giving way to suggestions that aides overprepared him. However, these efforts have been undermined by the president’s own comments, including a claim that he was still getting over jet lag during the debate.

The White House has been criticized for its slow response to the controversy, with Biden taking days to communicate with key Democratic stakeholders and failing to maintain a robust public schedule. This has left many wondering whether the president is fully engaged in the campaign.

Furthermore, fissures have begun to appear within the Biden campaign, with Democratic lawmakers and governors expressing doubts about the president’s ability to recover from his poor performance. Even some of Biden’s closest allies, such as Rep. James Clyburn, have signaled openness to exploring alternative candidates.

The president has continued to insist that he is running and committed to winning, but his comments have been met with skepticism by some Democrats. The White House has also been tight-lipped about the president’s plans, with some reports suggesting that Biden and his senior advisers have accepted the reality of their situation and are working to demonstrate his fitness for office.

Despite the chaos, more than 90% of the pledged delegates at the Democratic convention are still committed to Biden. However, the DNC rules do not anticipate the involuntary removal of the nominee, and it would take a concerted effort by delegates to move against him.

W. James Antle III
W. James Antle III
Executive Editor. He was previously politics editor of the Washington Examiner, managing editor of the Daily Caller, associate editor of the American Spectator, and senior writer for the American Conservative.

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