Terror suspects with ISIS ties ‘fully vetted’ before arrests inside US


Fox News’ Alexis McAdams reports the latest on the major sting operation and the lingering national security implications.

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  1. I think it's time Americans start relying on themselves. If you think this is surprising just wait until the next terror attack on our land. This will set off a chain "no one will see coming." But we all know, this could have all been prevented. Americans need to start preparing.

  2. What's sad is if they do attack us here at home… it'll be while a republican is president… so democrats will throw all the blame on that administration.. not this one that have been putting us in danger for 4 years

  3. Note: today was already too late to stop anything…unless authorities work very hard, starting now to clean it up. Know this, there will be extreme suffering because of the current administration's incompetency.

  4. ..no one listens… still it's coming, and everyone is in disability to stop it.
    Not only the (swamp) needs transformed, earth as a whole does as well, and will be.

  5. Aren't the average citizens equipped to be able to deal with that threat that they desperately wanted to have & ran to vote for? They are better than the military & the vets right? They can do for themselves right? Defund the police right? These are innocents that need asylum because they're just hunnnnngrrry! They got all the training they need. I don't see the issue here at all.

  6. Democrats opening our borders to terrorists and criminals, weaponizing the DOJ, FBI, and the rest of the alphabet soup against all political rivals all while killing jobs and destroying our economy. Who exactly are our enemies?

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