Tennessee Heroes Rescue Woman Brutally Stabbed and Set on Fire by Husband


A heroic act of courage and compassion was displayed by good Samaritans Clay and Ralph Grayson when they rescued Tessa Trotter, who was brutally stabbed and set on fire by her husband, Zachary Mowel, according to authorities in Tennessee.

Trotter’s sister, Tori Trotter, recounts the harrowing incident on a GoFundMe page set up to help offset medical expenses. She wrote that the attack occurred in front of their young children, who were traumatized by witnessing their father allegedly try to kill their mother.

Clay Grayson, one of the heroes, joined NewsNation’s Banfield program on Wednesday to relive the terrifying moment he and Ralph Grayson stumbled upon the deadly scene. “I couldn’t see anything through the smoke, so I yelled out to see if anyone was there,” Grayson recounted. “That’s when I found her, lying in a pool of blood.”

As Grayson approached the area, he witnessed Mowel “step over” his wife’s lifeless body, asking if she was still alive. “All I remember thinking was, ‘I need to get away from this guy,'” Grayson recalled, expressing his desire to escape the chaos and danger.

The GoFundMe page provides a stark and graphic account of the devastating injuries sustained by Trotter, who suffered severe burns, paralysis from the waist down, broken ribs, and multiple stab wounds.

Liz Jassin
Liz Jassin
Liz Jassin's reporting beat centers around real estate, technology, and true crime. Previously, Liz completed video internships for Business Insider in New York City and Milkwood film studios in London. She earned her bachelor’s degree in 2017 from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign where she studied broadcast journalism and received concentrations in music and psychology.

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