Ted Cruz Criticizes Judge Merchan’s Jury Instructions as ‘Nonsense’


Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, says NY v. Trump has been a ‘kangaroo court’ from the beginning on ‘Hannity.’

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  1. If they disbar the judge , please don't forget about Biden. He is behind this whole mess , but he had to have advice , he's too stupid to do it himself. What an embarassment to have a president like Joe Biden !!!!

  2. The judge and Bragg will be a hero of the left if there's a conviction. They know it and the same applies to the jurors. All concerned are probably taking extensive notes in hopes of a book deal.

  3. Biden wants to be able to call Trump a convicted felon on the debate stage. Or, Biden will use the fact that Trump's a convicted felon to back out of the already-scheduled debate.

  4. So a president can be dragged through court on nonsense charges but a Judge can't? Ted get off your backside and get this judge for conspiring and election interference.

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