Teacher Retires in Frustration, Warns Americans About Phone Addiction


‘Fox & Friends’ co-hosts discuss an Arizona teacher’s warning about students’ ‘phone addiction,’ which he says has led to mental health struggles.

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  1. Totally agree. I live across from a bus stop for high school kids. There are 7 kids. Everyday, NONE of them talk to each other. They're all 10 feet apart from each other with their heads buried in their phones. It's like a socialization killer. Cell phones have a purpose but I think it's the worst invention ever made due to social media access.

  2. As a beginning teacher who had students attached to their phones in 2009, I was marked down in an evaluation for having a system for them to turn in their phones to my aide as they enter the room. I was told to make using the phones part of an engaging lesson. I didn’t continue teaching after that year. It’s not phones that were the big issue for me. I thought the expectations were unreasonable, like ones to make the 10th grade Language Arts curriculum more fun for students than sexting their crushes.

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