Tammy Bruce: Recovering from This Damage Will Take Generations


‘Hannity’ panelists Tammy Bruce and Tudor Dixon react to former 2024 GOP presidential candidate Nikki Haley saying she will vote for former President Trump in November.

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  1. Trump is a criminal and a grifter who tried, in several different ways, to overthrow an American presidential election. That's simply an undeniable fact. You might still believe he is some kind of victim of the system or a great leader, but anyone based in reality has to admit those facts. If you admit those facts, and then want to argue he is great for America, I might listen a bit. But, if you deny those facts, you are just delusional.

  2. As I kept saying, the GOP needs to step in and opt for for a government shut down before more damage is done, they had the opportunity but failed on account of surrogate democrats within the GOP batting for Biden.

  3. It’s really very important who is a VP with President Trump, as we know he is only for four years. We need a VP who can be his successor in 2028 and continue to serve we, the people, and fight for us, and protect us, and support us!

  4. Biden will go down in history as the most corrupt president in the history of the United States of America , 10 % for the Big Guy ! it's all about the money 💰 that's all he cares about!

  5. Tammy Bruce is right, the Republicans need to all come together , work as a team and everyone help the new President ! The choice of Vice-President is very critical, so that person can run for President in 2028 and continue good work for America.

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