‘TAKE A SEAT’: Tammy Bruce Criticizes Hillary Clinton for Using Scare Tactics on Women Voters


Fox News contributor Tammy Bruce reacts to Hillary Clinton blaming women for 2016 election loss and calling out the Democratic Party’s handling of the abortion issue.

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  1. Hillary Clinton is a Democrat and look what the Democratic Party has done to women’s sports. They JEOPARDIZE women’s lives EVERY DAY by allowing men – STRANGERS – to come & get NAKED in their dressing rooms.

  2. Hillary is for the rest of her life excluded from something as enthralling as a cigar bringing joy and happiness to her mortal body. Let us all pity her for that – living in hell while still (barely) alive. Just saying this – as a “deplorable” and a “clown”.

  3. Didn't Bill Clinton Hillary husband pay $850k hush money to someone he slept or stormied with and get impeached. Let's call it what it is. let's not forget the oval office dress "rehearsal "

  4. We all watched Hillary in handcuffs being shoved into the back of that black van. What we are presented with today are impersonators in mask.
    A former President travels with two identical armored vehicles, period. President Trump still travels with a full Presidential motorcade. Silent coup, or junta?

  5. Yeah I think some are thinking…..if her man could get away with pretty outrageous behavior and not
    influenced or did anything about
    it…..makes many questioned her
    ability to lead. Nope 👎🏽 PASS

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