Substack Adds Video to Chat Feature


The newsletter platform Substack has introduced the ability for writers to send videos to their subscribers via Chat, its direct messaging feature, according to an announcement made on Wednesday. This new feature comes two months after Substack added videos to Notes, its X/Twitter-like service that enables users to share short-form content.

Substack is continuously adding new features that position it as a competitor to social media platforms. The inclusion of video in Chat adds a fresh dimension for newsletter creators to directly engage with their dedicated audience, sharing exclusive updates or previews within their community.

Chats were launched by the company earlier this year, offering users a more informal way to interact with subscribers. In the past month, Substack introduced the functionality to restrict an entire chat or specific threads to paid members only.

To send a video via Substack Chat, writers need to start a new chat and click the plus icon located in the bottom left corner. By choosing “Video,” they can either upload a file from their gallery or record a new video using their phone’s camera. It should be noted that videos are limited to a maximum duration of five minutes.

Substack allows a caption to be added to the video, which can also be placed behind a paywall. Additionally, an email notification can be sent to inform subscribers about the new video. Subscribers will also receive a push notification on their mobile devices. This feature has the potential to attract various types of creators, extending beyond just those focused on writing and publishing.

Furthermore, writers who permit subscribers to initiate their own chat threads can now also share videos. Substack mentioned it will soon introduce the capability for subscribers to send video replies.

Lauren Forristal
Lauren Forristal
Senior Reporter. Lauren covers media, streaming, apps and platforms.

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