Stephen Moore Claims Biden’s Energy Policies Empower America’s Enemies


Committee to Unleash Prosperity co-founder Stephen Moore weighs in on how Biden’s energy policies impact the consumer and national security.

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  1. Imagine living by a lake and complaining you have no water…..and then someone says you have a lake and then you say that if you drink the water your pee will hurt the earth.
    Then your friends say you can win any water fight but you tell them that you can't use the water in a water fight because it may soften the soil and cause a landslide.
    Water fights cause Landslides Vote Joe Biden.

  2. Because global warming is a comunist wet dream , it's got regulation on every aspect of life from if and when and how far you can travel, what you can eat , if you can go to the store and for what? ,These people never get it right, just like their Stupid fing electric cars

  3. Please worship the CREATOR OF THE UNIVERSE, THE LORD GOD and try not to worry too much about the differences between the different religions and denominations, try to think about the similarities and the things they may have in common more than the differences. Daily prayer is a fundamental part that many people do not practice although it is encouraged

    "CREATOR OF THE UNIVERSE, LORD GOD,Β  I beg you to never force me to worship any false god or object and I ask you for forgiveness for my sins and immorality. Thank you for everything. Amen."

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  4. Biden sure appears to take very well care of his families business partners for sure. What is very sad for USA citizens is this being allowed to go on totally way too long.
    Again sure appears DC is the town politicians never are held accountable or responsible for their own actions. Like $174,000 a year is not enough for them they think they need a side hustle for more money while our Veterans & Poor are homeless & going hungry that is totally not right !!!!
    Please Start Voting More Wisely Forward & Demand term limits & totally if you ever a Politician you must for life publicly release all IRS records yearly. You serve your country because you love it not a get rich quick scam.

  5. WAKE UP MAGA: You’re being played.
    Headline from the Washington Post:
    β€œRepublicans pitch tax cuts for corporations, the wealthy in 2025. Trump has asked wealthy donors for donations, promising large tax breaks in return if he retakes the White House.”

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