Staggering Numbers: Over 30,000 Chinese Nationals Enter the US Since October


Rep. Greg Steube, R-Fla., on how the ongoing border crisis has resulted in increased migration from across the world.

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  1. Nobody wants to talk about the elephant in the room though,
    REPUBLICANS have allowed all of this, how many times have republicans voted with dems to pass joes ideas. We can’t count how many so wake up people

  2. The thing I hate the most of Chinese migrants or should I say now “illegal immigrants” is that after they get here, they want to F*** own the land and bring their toxic communist mentality to this country and say how proud they are of their country. Then why T F are you here to begin with? 🤦‍♀️ they are so disrespectful to Americans specially to people of color too.

  3. It’s ok Thai is what Barack Obama, third term is all about.

    This is what the so-called 81+ million people voted for!

    They’re bringing in foreign interference to rigged the 2024 election and, elections for generations to come.

  4. The Chinese communists have already invaded my ancestral land in Cambodia.And i'm talking about full invasion of Cambodia.Not only that! They totally dismantle American base in Cambodia and depleted all the natural resources of the country.I feared the same could happen here in America!!🤨

  5. How is Chinese people coming here any more a threat than a fake news channel(fox) reporting false and distorted news in the attempts of aiding an over throw our government turning this country into a dictatorship? False propaganda can be extremely dangerous when there are people that want to believe it or are to ignorant not to believe it.

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